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Welcome to Daily Health Points, where you can begin feeling better and start the lifestyle of your dreams with our life process.

What makes Ben an Internationally Renowned Wellness Specialist? 

What you are about to discover is a completely unique process unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Our approach

Ben Streisand, has experience in both wellness and holistic medicine. He offers a holistic approach to your healthcare that gives lasting results. His 15+ years of knowledge & experience in medicine, combined with complementary fitness, gives you a unique advantage to resolving your health issues.

Daily Health Points Transformation Program

Online training coaching....

Private Consulting & Coaching

Comprehensive Wellness Consulting

We use a number of systems consisting of various reflexes on your body, emotional stress diffusion, and eye patterning, to reset and retrain your brain and nervous system.

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Neuro Reset Program

Retrain Your Nervous System To Create A New You

This unique process increases your energy levels and reduces your stress so you can think and communicate better.

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Mentorship For Massive Change

Ongoing Support Group

In this group I give you the knowledge you need so you can make real change in your life. 

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Your consultation will be personally customized to your life's journey to understand how you have created your symptoms

All appointments will take place in one of two environments online. Either in the comfort of your home or in a comfortable location.

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Daily Health Points Approach

Retrain your brain, your nervous system and emotions so you can maximize your life potential. Start taking control of your life, health and relationships.

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